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If you have problems with a swimmer's jaundice, identifying different types of harmful E.coli strains, monitoring fish or look for professionals who can help you on your way in the area of genetic BioMonitoring, BioMon helps.

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We provide an accurate, reliable and cost-effective set of tools for the impact assessment or quality analysis of your ecosystems. Think of standard analyzes, consultancy, development and innovation and standardization and quality assurance.

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Diet analysis sandeel

Diet analysis sandeel

Sandeels form an important link between plankton and top predators such as large terns, seals and porpoises. In order to unravel the food web, BioMon partners Naturalis and BaseClear examine the stomach contents of sand eels from the North Sea ...

Fingerprinting of bacteria

Fingerprinting of bacteria

Commissioned by CML and KWR

BioMon partner KWR, in collaboration with various parties, is conducting research into the applicability of advanced DNA techniques in assessing the origin of water. This is important, for example, for surface and wastewater management because knowledge ...


Our ambition is to make BioMonitoring more reliable, more standardized and more efficient. To this end, we conduct fundamental and applied research, specifically aimed at developing and improving methods of genetic BioMonitoring in water, soil and air, which will be the standard for the future of BioMonitoring.

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