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Commissioned by CML and KWR

BioMon partner KWR, in collaboration with various parties, is conducting research into the applicability of advanced DNA techniques in assessing the origin of water. This is important, for example, for surface and wastewater management because knowledge about the origin of water can provide an important indication of the source (s) of problem-causing substances / organisms in it.

Surface and waste water management are situations in which it is important to be able to assess the origin of the water and the potentially problematic substances / organisms in it. Examples are the observation of faecal contamination at bathing water locations, nutrient related issues or stalled WWTPs. This research will explore the extent to which advanced DNA techniques can contribute to the elucidation of such issues.

This research is still ongoing. View the sites of TKI or KWR for more information or contact Edwin Kardinaal.

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