Services & Products

We provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective instruments for ecosystem analysis. We focus on applications in brackish, fresh and salt water, soil and air. We are leading in the field through our excellent facilities and extensive scientific expertise.

Our services and products are:

  • Standard analyzes: sampling - DNA extraction – sequencing - bioinformatics and interpretation
  • Consultancy: in-depth analyzes and indicators based on genetic monitoring
  • Development and innovation: working together with our extensive network of scientific partners
  • Reference for standardization and quality assurance. We are committed to a quality mark for this new form of monitoring: our protocols and techniques have been standardized and validated.

We offer techniques and methods that make it possible to identify species, measure biodiversity and thus make statements about the functioning of ecosystems and their effects on human activities. We do this on the basis of our extensive lab infrastructure supported by state-of-the-art knowledge of the system, analysis and data interpretation. With our products and services we facilitate our customers in their execution and mission of, among other things, better water quality, better water management, better knowledge of the state of affairs of Dutch biodiversity (insects, fish etc.). This should ultimately lead to better European and Dutch laws and regulations on the quality of water, soil and air.

Facilities and Expertise

We bundle state-of-the-art infrastructure of high-tech laboratories and market knowledge with unique genetic reference databases and leading expertise in taxonomy, ecology, evolution and genetics.

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